Pure XL

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  • Built-in
  • Full Body

  • h 124 x b 20 x d 10 cm
  1. User-friendly touch screen
  2. Turn it on with one press of the button
  3. Set the timer for each session (up to max. 10 minutes)
  4. Gradual cooling: after use, the Sunshower cools off in four minutes

Sunshower Pure XL is big enough to provide you with deep, soothing heat from your neck to your knees. The slender aluminium casing contains two 2 x 750W infrared lightbulbs and is finished with a sandblasted glass plate. Sunshower Pure XL is a built-in solution, so it can be integrated beautifully into the shower wall. Tip: Combine Sunshower Pure XL with a steam room for even more comfort. The Sunshower Pure XL is also available in white.

Cross-sectional Drawing

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