Sunshower has a product line with six different models. You can choose the model that is the best fit for you. Below are some considerations to keep in mind.

  1. Do you want only infrared or do you want sunlight too?
    • Are you interested particularly in the beneficial e ect of infrared? Then we recommend Solo, Duo, pure XL or pure for you. If you would like all the benefits of infrared and ultraviolet, the Deluxe or Combi is a good choice. These models have both a UV and an infrared function.

  2. Your whole body or just a part of it?
    • The models Deluxe, Combi, Solo and pure XL are for the entire body. pure is a compact model that was developed especially for the lower back.

  3. Will you be renovating or will you use your existing bathroom?
    • Most models are intended to be built-in. Do you not have enough space in the wall or you don’t want to renovate? Then the mounted versions Solo (only infrared) and Combi (infrared and UV) will suit you better. These models are easy to mount in the corner of an existing bathroom.

In addition, we develop medical devices for the treatment of skin diseases. On you will find more information on light therapy for psoriasis, eczema and solar allergy.