Safe sunlight on demand at your own home

The sun is a source of life. She nourishes us and sunlight gives us energy. The ultraviolet light ensures the production of vitamin D. This vitamin maintains our resistance. Daily exposure to sunlight is important for our entire wellbeing. A daily low dose of UV has been proven to be safe. Sunlight is the poetic name for the physics term ultraviolet. Sunlight consists of UV-A- and UV-B rays.

Rays that each have their own effect and their own frequency. We can simulate these frequencies, so that we can be nourished by beneficial UV light even on a cloudy day, in winter or when we’re forced to stay indoors. Not insignificant when we consider the many aspects of ultraviolet.

In short, UV light is essential for many vital functions in our bodies: it regulates our biological clock, takes care of healthy hormone production and production of vitamin D. In addition, ultraviolet stimulates the production of pigment and melanin; the natural protection from sunlight. Finally, UV light has a therapeutic effect and can be used for chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema and sun allergy.



  • Source for producing vitamin D
  • Increase of energy level
  • Positive effect on day and night rhythm
  • Light therapy has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Preparation of skin for summer

Would you like safe sunlight on demand at your own home?
Choose for a Sunshower Deluxe or a Sunshower Combi, both with functions UV light as infra-red light.

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