The sun is a source of life. She nourishes us and sunlight gives us energy. The ultraviolet light ensures the production of vitamin D. This vitamin maintains our resistance. Daily exposure to sunlight is important for our entire wellbeing. A daily low dose of UV has been proven to be safe. Sunlight is the poetic name for the physics term ultraviolet. Sunlight consists of UV-A- and UV-B rays.

Rays that each have their own effect and their own frequency. We can simulate these frequencies, so that we can be nourished by beneficial UV light even on a cloudy day, in winter or when we’re forced to stay indoors. Not insignificant when we consider the many aspects of ultraviolet.

In short, UV light is essential for many vital functions in our bodies: it regulates our biological clock, takes care of healthy hormone production and production of vitamin D. In addition, ultraviolet stimulates the production of pigment and melanin; the natural protection from sunlight. Finally, UV light has a therapeutic effect and can be used for chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema and sun allergy.

In short, UV light is essential for many vital functions in our body:

  • Source for producing vitamin D
  • Increase of energy level
  • Positive effect on day and night rhythm
  • Light therapy has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Preparation of skin for summer


Source for producing vitamin D

Sunlight is the largest source of vitamin D3 production naturally through the skin. This is one of the few vitamins that our body can produce itself. This mainly happens between March and October, with the production peak between May and August when the sun has enough power.

Vitamin D production is lowest or even absent in November, December, January and February. This means that the body produces too little vitamin D for four months – or a third of the year – per year. The absence of sunlight during these autumn and winter months or during sunless days can be absorbed by Sunshower, which maintains the vitamin D level. UV light – whether from the sun or from a light source – is able to nourish and energize our body anywhere, anytime.

Vitamine D

A daily dose of UV light is not an unnecessary luxury. After all, UV rays have more advantages than just the production of vitamin D. UV light has a favorable effect on our energy level. Exposure to light namely affects parts of our brain that are linked to alertness and cognition. For example, light can reduce the feeling of drowsiness and improve our reaction speed. We notice the more energetic feeling especially in the summer. The days are longer and we receive more sunlight. That provides more vitality; we can handle more and are happier. The overall feeling of well-being increases as we enjoy more sunlight.

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Positive influence on day and night rhythm

We often experience the literal and figurative shadow side in the autumn and winter months; if the days are shorter and the amount of sunlight is significantly less. Lack of natural daylight can lead to listlessness, depression and drowsiness.

UV light also has a beneficial effect on our day and night rhythm. On a sun-drenched day, we experience more energy during the day, which means we sleep better and deeper. Of course this has a positive effect on our health.

Light therapy has an anti-inflammatory effect

UV radiation can also be health-promoting in another way, especially for people with (chronic) skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Especially for these skin conditions, our subsidiary, Dermasun Medical has developed products prescribed by dermatologists.

Preparing for the summer

Speaking of the skin … UV light causes discoloration of the skin in summer, but also in spring and autumn. A normal dose of UV light ensures that the skin maintains a healthy color in the autumn and winter months. This healthier hue on the body prepares the skin for the summer sun.

For sunlight, 10 x 10 minutes is not the same as 1 x 100 minutes of sunlight. UV light is harmful to the skin, even in a low dose. Isn’t that dangerous? When you have a healthy immune system, the skin repairs that “damage” continuously and no problems arise. But due to long-term high sun exposure, such as all day at the beach without UV protection, so much damage can occur which the skin can no longer repair.

Small daily sessions, such as with the Sunshower, ensure that you safely receive your necessary dose of sunlight. These small sessions will thicken your skin and make it accustomed to the sun, giving you better protection for longer exposures such as on your summer vacation.

Safe Sunlight

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