What do we mean when we talk about “safe sunlight”? It is quite a statement at a time when we are more aware than ever of the relationship between sunlight and skin cancer.

10 minutes
By safe sunlight we mean low-dosed UV light. A 10-minute session for the Sunshower is comparable to 10 minutes in the Dutch summer sun. In principle you cannot get sunburn by this and it is enough to experience the positive effects of the sunlight.

Low dose of filtered UV light
10 x 10 minutes is not the same as 1 x 100 minutes certainly with sunlight. UV light is harmful to the skin, even in a low dose. Isn’t that dangerous? When you have a healthy immune system, the skin repairs that “damage” continuously and no problems arise. But due to long-term high sun exposure, such as all day at the beach without UV protection, so much damage can occur that the skin can no longer repair it. There is a good chance that a “mistake” will slip through. Mistakes like that can lead to skin cancer.

The crux lies in ‘too much’.

Too much sunlight is not good for the skin and long-term health; let there be no misunderstanding. As with so many things in life, too much sunlight is not good for you. It is ultimately about the dose. With the dose of UV light from a Sunshower we speak of a safe dose, with daily single use.

Regularly exposing yourself to a low dose of sunlight ensures the production of vitamin D and ensures that the skin gets used to UV light, without overloading the skin. However, we advise not to stand in front of the Sunshower on days when the skin is exposed to the natural sun.

UV light Vitamin D

Cooperation experts

Sunshower’s lighting solutions contribute to your health and well-being, with quality being of paramount importance. To ensure your health, we work closely with various experts, including dermatologists, medical and scientific specialists and we regularly conduct examinations in collaboration with Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and VU Medical Center (VUMC). This way you are assured that you can enjoy all the benefits of sunlight in your own shower safely and without worry. In addition, all Sunshower products are certified and meet all strict EU installation guidelines. A reliable feeling!

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