Infrared from Sunshower 

  • The infrared of the Sunshower provides the complete IR spectrum, just like natural sunlight does.
  • The high percentage of short wave radiation (IR-A) ensures an intensive heat that penetrates deeply into the skin.
  • This IR output has been specially developed and is intended to be used for brief periods, during or after showering.

Infrared radiation penetrates deeply into the skin. The energy of infrared light penetrates into our body, which causes molecules to move and in this way, causes heat. This raises the body temperature, while the surroundings feel cool. In addition to a sense of well-being and relaxation, infrared radiation decreases back and neck complaints, muscle pain and rheumatic complaints and it stimulates blood circulation.

Heat therapy for back and neck complaints

Those who suffer from back and neck complaints often experience discomfort and pain when getting up. Heat therapy is often recommended to reduce these complaints. Infrared therapy has been scientifically proven to be effective in reducing cramping feeling in the back and neck. Unlike most pain killers, heat therapy has no side effects.

Pain relief for rheumatism patients

Scientific research by the Medical Center Twente and the Saxion Hogeschool shows that the use of infrared light can reduce rheumatic complaints in the short term. This means that less stiff joints or muscles are experienced. This can ease the pain.

“We both have a rheumatic disease
and it is wonderful to warm up the joints
with the Sunshower. A party every time ”

Chris, Melderslo

Faster recovery for athletes

Infrared radiation accelerates blood circulation; this results in an increase in the oxygen level in the blood. This reduces muscle pain and stiffness, allows a sports injury to recover faster and relaxes the body. Because the muscles relax more, this can reduce joint complaints. Infrared does not only help with recovery after a sporting effort. It is also a good warm-up before exercise.

Deep cleansing of the skin

The pores widen due to the effective heat of the infrared lamp. This results in a better and more effective deep cleansing of the skin, which makes the skin look healthier. In addition, infrared ensures that nourishing and moisturizing creams are absorbed more intensively and faster.

Healthier blood circulation

An advantage of using infrared for the whole body is that it causes a more rapid circulation. Infrared ensures that waste is removed faster and the supply of nutrients and building materials is accelerated. These processes not only benefit the muscles and skin, but the entire body benefits from this cleansing and building effect of beneficial infrared.