Infrared heats, relaxes and decreases complaints

Infrared radiation penetrates deeply into the skin. The energy of infrared light penetrates into our body, which causes molecules to move and in this way, causes heat. This raises the body temperature, while the surroundings feel cool. In addition to a sense of well-being and relaxation, infrared radiation decreases back and neck complaints, muscle pain and rheumatic complaints and it stimulates blood circulation


  • The infrared of the Sunshower provides the complete IR spectrum, just like natural sunlight does.
  • The high percentage of short wave radiation (IR-A) ensures an intensive heat that penetrates deeply into the skin.
  • This IR output has been specially developed and is intended to be used for brief periods, during or after showering.


  • Heat therapy for back and neck complaints
  • Relief for arthritis patients
  • Quicker recovery for athletes
  • Deep cleaning of the skin
  • Healthier blood circulation

Would you like to experience the benefits of infra-red daily ?

Choose for a Sunshower Deluxe*, Sunshower Pure Xl, Sunshower Pure, Sunshower Combi*, Sunshower Solo or Sunshower Duo. Or contact us for more information.

* Comes with a safe sunlight funtion.