We are Sunshower

We strive to let everyone experience the unique experience of Sunshower, so that you feel fitter, more vital and more energetic thanks to a high-quality product, so that you start every day with a feeling of happiness.

Light: Source of energy

Sunshower believes in the power and positive effects of sunlight. We make the pleasant feeling of a “sunny day” accessible (at home) to everyone, all year round. Sunlight nourishes and cares for your body in two different ways. UV light ensures the production of vitamin D, which improves your resistance and increases your energy level. The warming infrared light has a relaxing effect, relieves pain and keeps the muscles flexible. Sunshower combines both benefits of sunlight in a unique and special experience for in the shower.

Body and mind

We think it is important that people feel good and are in balance. Taking good care of yourself and your body is an essential part of this, because a relaxed body creates a relaxed mind. Our daily motivation is to contribute to what makes people fitter, more vital and more energetic. A healthy, conscious lifestyle and propagating the positive effect of safe sunlight and vitamin D are indispensable for us and the motivation of who we are and what we do.

Our product contributes to people’s health and well-being. Especially in winter, when you often need it most.

Collaboration with experts

To ensure your health, we work closely with dermatologists, medical and scientific specialists and we regularly conduct examinations in collaboration with Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and VU Medical Center (VUMC). This way you are assured that you can enjoy all the benefits of sunlight in your own shower safely and without worry. In addition, all Sunshower products are certified and meet all strict EU installation guidelines. A reliable feeling!

We believe in what we do, follow our own course and are passionate about continuing to improve ourselves, our people and our products. We deliver what we promise and strive to ensure that everyone can experience the unique experience of Sunshower with the power and positive effects of sunlight all year round.

Sunshower team

In 2003 Sunshower was founded by Merijn Wegdam and Oscar Meijer and therefore a truly Dutch invention. Still all our products are developed and produced in the Netherlands. We now have 35 employees and are actives selling in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia and India.