• Initiators Merijn Wegdam and Oscar Meijer
  • Founded in 2003
  • Now 24 employees
  • Active in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, India, United Kingdom, Poland and France
  • In collaboration with TNO, LUMC and VUMC
  • Meets all strict EU installation guidelines
  • CE quality mark

Sunshower is an innovative company, founded in the Netherlands by engineers Merijn Wegdam and Oscar Meijer. Inspired by the power and benefits of sunlight, the duo developed an entirely new product: sunlight in the shower. This is how the engineers want to contribute to health and happiness under the motto, Create your own sunshine!

“Everyone is familiar with the sense of well-being we feel on a sunny day,” says Merijn Wegdam, when introducing the idea behind Sunshower. “The sun gives us energy, heat and enjoyment. Think of a sunny vacation, of summertime. It recharges you; it makes you feel energised.”  Oscar Meijer believes that this is more than just a feeling. “Sunlight nurtures and nourishes your body. UV light helps your body make vitamin D. This increases your resistance and raises your energy level. The infrared in sunlight also has a healthy feature: it warms you up, so your body can relax and this reduces any pain you may have.”

In collaboration with medical specialists
The engineers wanted to incorporate the nourishing power of sunlight into a product that is accessible to anyone and that is easy to use. The link between taking a shower and sunbathing was quickly made and the idea for Sunshower quickly became a reality. In 2003, the start-up became a fact. From that time on, Merijn and Oscar have been able to truly contribute to happiness and health. “But we are engineers; not medical specialists. To use the power of sunlight in a positive, healthy and safe way, we collaborated closely with medical specialists. All of our products have been developed in collaboration with TNO* and medical specialists from LUMC and VUMC**”, says Michael Tulp, who has been the general manager for the past few years and plays an important role in the innovation of Sunshower.

Many health benefits
The collaborating experts, as well as science, confirm that UV light and infrared light offer many health benefits, when used responsibly. Oscar: “Infrared soothes muscle soreness, helps to reduce pain and shortens the daily start-up time for people suffering from rheumatism. UV is responsible for producing vitamin D in the body, which increases our resistance and raises our energy level.”

Light therapy at home
So, it’s not surprising that, in addition to health products, Sunshower also manufactures medical devices that use light for treating skin diseases. “Our sister company, Sunshower Medical is an innovator with respect to light therapy in the home. These products also meet all the strict EU installation guidelines. In addition, Sunshower and Dermasun products have all been inspected by European inspection authorities and bear the CE quality mark.”